Saturday, March 7, 2009

A new way of reaching YOU!

Hello White Plate Trackers,
Here we have an excellent way of reaching each other!

Bob James 80n


  1. The website has gone through a ground-up rebuild this winter and with the addition of this blog everyone can stay in touch and do some good old fashion bench racing.

    The motor has been tweaked & tuned.

    There is a fresh set of tires on her and the tank is full of gas.

    So don't be shy or hesitant to take it out for some laps.

  2. Hello Ken,
    You must had just got home from work.

    I thinking about copy & pasting some of my already typed documents about some of the things that I remember back during my racing days.
    Thanks again for doing this for us.
    Dad/Bob James 80N.


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