Friday, June 26, 2009

An old letter of mine

Hello everybody,
I am still not sure how to do this. That is why I have not posted. Bob James.

OK! I wanted to say something about Ed McComish, but I will first see how this old letter goes to press.

The first word that I received about the White Plate Flat Trackers Association came from my friend, Bob Larratt on September 10, 1980. He gave me the letter that he had received. I wrote a letter on September 12, 1980 to the WPFTA in care of J. C. Hoel. Telling him that I was glad that this organization had been formed and I sent a $25.00 check. On October 5, 1980, I wrote back to “Pappy” after receiving the acknowledgement that he had received my $25 check. From that time until Pappy took sick and couldn’t write to me, we exchanged many letters with each other. I finished paying my donation and then some. Received my uniform and some extra t-shirts before the next meeting.
At the meeting of the White Plate Flat Trackers Association of August 13, 1988, I was nominated & voted to be the Executive Director. My term was over on August 9, 1991.
I wrote lots of letters before, during and after being in this position. I’m not sure of which number I happen to be.
Bob Moore was given the title of President when it was first formed in 1980. Neil Hultman was Vice-President; Richard Creed was Secretary and Jerry Malcolm was Treasurer. On the Advisory Board there were J. C. Hoel, Don Rice and Bill Gikling; for the first Board of Directors there were Al Burke, Chairman, Neil Keen, Al Nelson, Dan Duebler, Bill Tuman and Joe Doyle.
In the letter from Al Burke of December 1981, he told us that Jim Sprik of Denver, Colorado is our new Executive Director. So maybe Jim became the Executive Director the same day when we dedicated the Monument on August 6, 1981.
In the letter from Al Burke of January 1984, he told us that Jim Sprik stepped down as Executive Director and Norm Tietz was elected for the coming year to replace Jim.
I have a letter dated March 25, 1984 from Norm Tietz , Ex. Dir. So, I assume that Mr. Tietz served until August of 1984.
In a letter from Pappy dated as received on March 20, 1985, I am informed that Norm Tietz is no longer in his former official capacity, in place is Don Vodden of Harker, Texas.
In this same letter, J. C. Pappy Hoel informs us that due to health reasons, he is resigning as of June 1, 1985 as Financial Secretary.
In this same letter he suggested that I write to our President, Bob Moore about how to get more names on the memoriam panel.
In all of the letters that I received from Pappy from 1980 until I became the Executive Director it showed that Pappy is the Executive Director or the Financial Secretary.
After me came our youngest Executive Director, Jeff Dietz.
The present Executive Director is Denny Kannenberg.

Carl, maybe this will help you some about the White Plate Flat Trackers Association.
If you need what I have about Jim Spirk, I could fill you in on him since he died on Nov. 5, 1999.
Time to retire, Bob.

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  1. Great post. Helped fill in a lot of historical blanks for new members of the WPFTA. Thanks


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