Sunday, November 15, 2009

Indian Wrecking Crew documentary

Heard an update recently about when this documentary that we all have been waiting on will be released.

Below is a link and the posted comments.


Posted on Nov. 12, 2009 by John Holman
It has been quite a while since I wrote a post about the documentary. I had a shake up with my "old" partner and have since taken the ball and run with a new partner who is working through the edit. I just returned from Illinois visiting Bill Tuman and Smitty of Rock Island.

Guys, Smitty is why I started this project. I grew up around him in Rock Island and bought my first motorcycle from Bill Tuman in 69. I raced flat track in the 70's, Smitty helped me with parts but I truely had no idea how much of a legend he and Bill were until I wanted to get Smitty on tape for an oral history. The saying, " this is when Men were Men" does sum it up.

Look for a intial DVD by December. I will be reworking the website and marketing items from there. I have made replica sewn jerseys from the 40's and also have replica signed helmets if anyone is interested in something like that. You can see them on the website on the reenactment footage. If you are interested in more info or replica items contact me at: john@design2,com

Sorry we have taken so long on this project but when you do something like this out of your own pocket and the economy turns bad you just have to make concessions.

I thank all of you for your continuing interest. Look for something in the coming months.

Talk soon,

John Holman

Folks if you have any comments to add -- then please do.

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